Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Wisdom of Cyndi Lauper

In a few months I'm flying to Seattle to run the Northwest passage race with a few friends from college. In preparation, I decided to leave a quick motivational comment for my friend Jodi on her facebook page, and then I discovered her recent blog post, which I would like to share...thanks JODI!

"....It was during a dramatic scene of Celebrity Apprentice that Cyndi revealed that nothing happened for her until she was 30. She said, 'Sometimes life begins AFTER you're 30.' A quick Wikipedia search confirmed this. Cyndi Lauper was 30 when her breakthrough album was released, resulting in a previously unprecedented (for a female artist) 5 consecutive Top 20 singles. The multi-colored hair, outrageous apparel, tassel bra worn OVER her shirt, her romp with the Goonies and the release of her iconic anthem of "girls having fun" were all done by a woman 30+. Hurrah!! Not that I have aspirations of becoming a pop icon or that it would even be a possibility. If anything, it validates my current behavior and future desires to adventure and experience life and new opportunities. So my friends 30+ or close to it, enjoy this video with the thought in mind that most likely ALL of the women in this video are over 30. So dress up, run wild, dance while cruising the sidewalk, pursue your dreams and be free because I don't think we should ever grow out of wanting to have fun nor actually having it. Middle age .... bring it on!!"


  1. best post ever. I didn't know you were running the race! are you doing it w/ Kate & Laura?

  2. i think kimmy needs to start blogging again, because i love it, and miss it!