Monday, October 19, 2009

Big City - Baby bye bye bye

One of the best lunch spots in SLC was Big City Soup. The tasty line-up of different soups were always delicious. And to top it off they would throw in a little bit of cheese and a great roll. Well, we knew things were getting tough when they started charging for the bread....a few weeks later, they began charging a quarter for the cheese. Until finally one day, they closed their doors sad.

So you can imagine my excitement when my aunt passed on a recipe for Big City's wild rice and mushroom soup. I spent half the day tracking down all of the ingredients, who would have guessed that crimini and shitake mushrooms would be so hard to find.

**As a side note, my search took me to Sunflower Market. They have the best produce at the best prices! Loved it!

But back to the story, I spent half the day shopping for the ingredients and then soaking the rice, cooking the rice, chopping the ingredients, until finally it was time to put it all together. Two hours laters, after following the recipe quite precisely, my soup was done and drum roll was terrible. I was so disappointed. Granted I never actually had this soup at Big City when it was open (I had a hard time straying from the Thai Chicken Curry) but I can't imagine that they served anything close to what I ended up with. I put it in a tupperware and stuck it in the fridge because after all that work I couldn't stand to put in down the sink. Maybe it will taste better warmed up tonight, doubtful.

RIP Big City Soup

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dream Job

I started to think about my dream job today...While my "dream job" has fallen almost every where on the spectrum from dog whisperer to National Geographic photographer, today I'm in love with the idea of writing for ReadyMade magazine. And the reason I can talk about it here? Because most of the projects that fill its pages are green. Woohoo.

Thinking about the dream job of the day, made take a look back from where I've come from and what jobs I've had along the way.

First Job: Working at my dad's office where I stood in a closet all day putting patients files back into alphabetical order (boring). Watched grumpy old nurses complain about the secretaries and got horrible paper cuts from trying to shove files in to old storage boxes. I hope my dad never reads this because he always felt like I was ungrateful for the job and I humiliated him when one day I simply refused to go back...that is embarrassing, sorry dad.
Oddest Job: Handing out samples of Oregon Chai Tea to people on the street, which included wearing a keg on my back ("Rocket Man Pack") and squirting samples into tiny little paper cups. It usually went something like this...Me: Iced Chai Tea Latte? Person on Street: NO, I don't take drinks from strangers on the street! (Insert completely disgusted look here.)
Best Job: Waitress at the restaurant on campus at Utah State. I would cruise over after my morning class, work the lunch shift with all of my friends, maybe wait on 2-3 tables, while eating my free lunch, and then head back to class. Ok, it may not have been the best job, but essentially I got paid to eat lunch with my friends.

So how do I go from secretary/sampler/filer to project journalist extraordinaire? I guess I'll have to just keep finding projects like these to fill my spare time with. Love you ReadyMade.