Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Week of Living Cheaply

I read in Time last night that the recent recession has folks embracing the green movement and volunteerism like never before. Apparently, financial hardship makes us want to do the right thing, who would have guessed.

So in a movement of my own, I've decided to try out a week of living cheaply. For Joel Stein that meant only buying things on sale (this was a bad idea, turns out just about everything you could never need is almost always on sale.) For me it means, only buying things of absolute necessity. Things that fall into the absolutey column, well, the only ones I can think of are food---for both me and the pup and gas. I'm sure as the week goes on, I will find others, but most definitely not on the list are clothes/accessories/shoes and decorations for the condo. I'm also going to try to find some areas to trim the fat ie my $140 cable bill, bye bye HBO.

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